Thembi’s Piano Studio is located in the Western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. As of 2017, lessons are conducted exclusively through Good News Lutheran School, and are only available to students attending this school.

Piano lessons are offered to students aged 4+ in a fun, friendly and engaging environment.

Thembi is passionate about music and education, and her primary goal is to pass on her love of music to her students; developing their skills as well rounded musicians as well as a love of playing piano. Thembi firmly believes that learning an instrument should be fun, rewarding and accessible to everyone.

There is a strong focus on community within the studio, encouraging students to get to know each other through informal ‘Piano Parties’, workshops, studio challenges, holiday camps and concerts. This helps to move piano lessons away from being an isolated activity and bring the experience of learning an instrument into the students’ social lives. Having ‘music friends’ provides students with inspiration, motivation, encouragement and a sense of camaraderie, especially in the more advanced levels of study. The whole studio concerts and workshops also allow for the younger students to get to know the older students; giving them mentors to look up to, and a sense of what they might be able to play in just a few years time.