Summer Camp 2014

This year we had our very first Summer Camp at my new studio location!


This camp was jam-packed camp full of fun activities, of course with a huge focus on musical learning! We kept the January heat at bay with a balance of outdoor water games and indoor activities in the air conditioning. I spent months planning the activities and it was so much fun to get to run them with such wonderful students.

Our Beginner camp went for 2 days, and the Intermediate and Advanced groups had 3 days each. It was great to see students get to know each other and make friends that they can catch up with at concerts, exams and workshops throughout the year. There were so many activities I can’t possibly list them here, but I think the favourites were musical jenga, giant tic tac toe on the wet tarp outside, wet sponge throwing quizzes, and anything that involved jellybeans! We all had a ball and I know there were some exhausted kids going home each night. I have to say I needed a good rest a the end of the fortnight too!

Camps are a great opportunity for students to brush up on their skills before the start of term; working with other music students to improve their musical knowledge, rhythmic skills and listening skills while having a whole lot of fun. It’s a great change of pace from individual piano lessons, a useful refresher at the end of a long holiday, and a motivating kick-start to the year. Our next one will be a ‘Mini Easter Camp’ so look out for details toward the end of term.