Thembi Harris Piano Studio provides high quality music education programs to a wide range of students. Piano lessons are offered to children from age 5+. A specialised curriculum is offered for age 5-6 beginners (please see below), and music theory is taught to all students. I firmly believe that learning music should be fun and I aim to foster a life long love of music in all of my students.

 Private Lessons

  • All lessons are private lessons as this provides the most effective learning environment for each individual student
  • Lessons are offered for ages 5 years+
  • Lessons are 30 minutes or 45 minutes
  • Piano Camp is held in the holidays each year
  • Performance opportunities are available to all students

 What do lessons include?

I want my students to be well-rounded musicians, and our lessons cover a huge range of topics to work towards this outcome.

  • Sight-reading has a large emphasis in lessons as I think it’s hugely important that students are able to read music and have the independence to pick up new music and start to play
  • Aural skills are developed through listening games, specific ear training, and apps on the iPad
  • Basic music theory is a component of all piano lessons
  • Music history, knowledge of composers, periods and styles is introduced from the earliest lessons, and focused on more heavily with older students
  • Building technique and creating a beautiful tone is introduced from the very first lesson
  • Improvisation and creativity at the piano is fostered and encouraged

Performance Opportunites

  • Student concerts are held annually in Term 3 at Good News Lutheran School
  • Intermediate – Advanced students perform at a Brisbane Retirement Village each year
  • Small groups of students have informal concerts just for each other prior to examinations
  • Informal ‘Piano Parties’ are held for senior students each term to catch up, chill out and perform for each other or jam on the piano together

 Early Childhood

  • I have a specialised curriculum for 5-6 year old students. These are still private piano lessons, not general music classes, but the materials and approach are designed especially for this younger age group. The primary motivation of very young children is having FUN! Lessons for this age group are full of fun activities and games that teach piano technique, sight reading, listening skills, and overall musicality. The children love playing along or singing along to the songs on the CD, and take pride in being able to read their music all by themselves!